🔟 Takes: Oklahoma 16, West Virginia 13

Sooners come away with an ugly win that ended with an iconic Gabe Brkic game-winner

Sorry for how late this is. It’s been a day.

Let’s waste no time.

  1. The defense is living up to expectations. Seriously, OU finally has a solid defense. Allowing 29 combined points from two Power 5 teams back-to-back weeks is no small feat for a program that let the likes of Taylor Cornelius and Zeb Noland light them up not too long ago. Delarrin Turner-Yell highlighted a strong performance from OU’s secondary (more on DTY later). The defensive front had some more rough patches than usual, but remain one of the group’s strengths. The linebackers are still figuring things out, but I didn’t hate what I saw, especially Brian Asamoah. Just a solid performance, considering what the offense gave in return.

  2. Rattler finishes a game-winning drive. Spencer Rattler has been in this position before. Typically OU is trailing, but he’s had several opportunities to lead game-winning drives and failed. He didn’t on Saturday. What’s frustrating about this particular series is how it happened. Rattler looke…

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