🏈 Rattler unfazed by criticism

Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler acknowledges underwhelming start to season, but seems confident in turnaround.

✌🏽Happy Friday, friends. There’s a football game tomorrow in Norman. Let’s ride.

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🗣 Rattler responds

It’s been a rocky September for Spencer Rattler’s approval rating.

The Sooners quarterback, who's passed for 761 yards and seven touchdowns, hasn’t played to expectations, leading OU to uninspiring wins over Tulane and Nebraska.

Rattler knows it, acknowledging as much during a Zoom media session this week.

He had quite the response to how he’s dealt with the criticism, when asked by friend of the newsletter Eddie Radosevich.

Rattler’s words:

“These people really don’t know anything they’re talking about. They haven’t played quarterback at a Power 5 program … unless … obviously, some people have. And they know what it’s like when these defenses come out. They know the type of schemes we run. It really just comes down to playing ‘ball and being cleaner. … Obviously, I haven’t been playing to the ability or standard that I would want to. But gotta keep pushing. Gotta keep better. … The criticism, it don’t mean anything to me.”

The takeaway: Rattler’s criticism stems from OU’s offense not running as smoothly as year’s past. The offense fell off in the second half against Tulane and it didn’t light up a mediocre Nebraska team the way many anticipated. Perhaps expectations need to be re-evaluated, but Rattler’s response is fair. Most of us don’t know what it’s like to be in that position. It’s good that he’s acknowledged his shortcomings, while maintaining confidence in his abilities. Now it’s time to show that on Saturday.

3 things to watch vs. WV

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📺 Big 12 on TV

Conference play gets underway this weekend, and it’s a pretty solid slate for the Big 12.

Oklahoma-West Virginia hits prime time, undefeated rivals TCU and SMU meet, Oklahoma State and Kansas State got put on ESPN+ for no good reason. It’s a good time.

My Big 12 viewing guide for the week, which if you haven’t read before, ranks the Big 12’s slate of games by importance and some general thoughts on each matchup.

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There are few matchups Oklahoma shouldn’t be able to win, especially in the trenches. West Virginia’s offensive line against Oklahoma’s defensive front should make life tough on Jarret Doege and a Mountaineer team that’s been prone to turnovers. My bold prediction is OU forces at least two takeaways. I’m also buying into Spencer Rattler building off an underrated second-half performance against Nebraska. Give me the Sooners in prime time.

The pick: Oklahoma 35, West Virginia 24

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2017. The Sooners won 59-31 behind a four-touchdown performance from Rodney Anderson, who had 118 rushing yards on 13 carries.